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Varsity Schedule
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Wed, Feb 1105:30 PMMt. Pisgah - ScrimmageCentennial
Wed, Feb 1805:55 PMWestlakeWestlake
Fri, Feb 2005:55 PMDaculaCentennial
Fri, Feb 2707:55 PMDuluthCentennial
Mon, Mar 0205:55 PMRoswellCentennial
Wed, Mar 0405:55 PMN. GwinnettCentennial
Fri, Mar 0607:00 PMDaculaCoolray Field
Mon, Mar 0905:55 PMW. ForsythWest Forsyth
Wed, Mar 1105:55 PMJohns CreekJohns Creek
Fri, Mar 1305:55 PMChattahoocheeChattahoochee
Mon, Mar 1605:55 PMN. ForsythCentennial
Wed, Mar 1805:55 PMLambertCentennial
Fri, Mar 2005:55 PMAlpharettaAlpharetta
Mon, Mar 2305:55 PMHabersham CentralWilbanks Middle School, 3115 D
Wed, Mar 2505:55 PMS. ForsythS. Forsyth
Fri, Mar 2705:55 PMNorthviewCentennial
Mon, Mar 3005:55 PMWest Forsyth High SchoolCentennial
Wed, Apr 0105:55 PMJohns CreekCentennial
Fri, Apr 0305:55 PMChattahoocheeCentennial
Fri, Apr 10TBATBALake Point Complex
Sat, Apr 11TBALake Point Complex
Mon, Apr 1305:55 PMN. ForsythNorth Forsyth
Wed, Apr 1505:55 PMLambertLambert
Fri, Apr 1705:55 PMAlpharettaCentennial
Mon, Apr 2005:55 PMHabersham CentralCentennial
Wed, Apr 2205:55 PMS. ForsythCentennial
Fri, Apr 2405:55 PMNorthviewNorthview
JV Schedule
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Wed, Feb 1805:55 PMLambertCentennial
Tue, Feb 2405:55 PMN. ForsythCentennial
Thu, Feb 2605:55 PMS. ForsythS. Forsyth
Fri, Feb 2705:55 PMAlpharettaAlpharetta
Mon, Mar 0206:30 PMHeritageHeritage
Tue, Mar 0305:00 PMMeadowcreekCentennial
Thu, Mar 0505:55 PMMt. PisgahCentennial
Mon, Mar 0905:55 PMWest Forsyth High SchoolCentennial
Wed, Mar 1105:55 PMJohns CreekCentennial
Fri, Mar 1305:55 PMChattahoocheeCentennial
Mon, Mar 1605:55 PMN. ForsythNorth Forsyth
Wed, Mar 1805:55 PMLambertLambert
Fri, Mar 2005:55 PMAlpharettaCentennial
Wed, Mar 2505:55 PMS. ForsythCentennial
Thu, Mar 2605:00 PMMt. PisgahMt. Pisgah
Mon, Mar 3005:55 PMW. ForsythWest Forsyth
Wed, Apr 0105:55 PMJohns CreekJohns Creek
Fri, Apr 0305:55 PMChattahoocheeChattahoochee

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Tues. Feb 24 - Pre-Game Meal -  Flink


Tues. Feb 24 - Pre-Game Meal - Kruljac

Concessions - Kim Allen & Kristin Hothersall

Thurs. Feb 26 - Pre-Game Meal - Boland

Fri. Feb 27 - Pre-Game Meal - Poteet


Spirit Wear orders are due Tuesday, Feb 10th.

Drop off completed form with payment in Coach Book's office.

2015 Spirit Wear Order Form