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Varsity Schedule
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Wed, Feb 1105:30 PMMt. Pisgah - ScrimmageCentennial
Wed, Feb 1805:55 PMWestlakeWestlake
Fri, Feb 2005:55 PMDaculaCentennial
Fri, Feb 2707:55 PMDuluthCentennial
Mon, Mar 0205:55 PMRoswellCentennial
Wed, Mar 0405:55 PMN. GwinnettCentennial
Fri, Mar 0607:00 PMDaculaCoolray Field
Mon, Mar 0905:55 PMW. ForsythWest Forsyth
Wed, Mar 1105:55 PMJohns CreekJohns Creek
Mon, Mar 1605:55 PMN. ForsythCentennial
Tue, Mar 1705:55 PMChattahoocheeChattahoochee
Wed, Mar 1805:55 PMLambertCentennial
Fri, Mar 2005:55 PMAlpharettaAlpharetta
Tue, Mar 2405:55 PMHabersham CentralWilbanks Middle School, 3115 D
Wed, Mar 2505:55 PMS. ForsythS. Forsyth
Fri, Mar 2705:55 PMNorthviewCentennial
Mon, Mar 3005:55 PMWest Forsyth High SchoolCentennial
Wed, Apr 0105:55 PMJohns CreekCentennial
Fri, Apr 0305:55 PMChattahoocheeCentennial
Fri, Apr 1010:00 AMTBALake Point Complex
Sat, Apr 1110:00 AMLake Point Complex
Tue, Apr 1405:55 PMN. ForsythNorth Forsyth
Tue, Apr 2107:00 PMLambertCentennial
Wed, Apr 2205:55 PMS. ForsythCentennial
Thu, Apr 2304:00 PMHabersham CentralCentennial
Thu, Apr 2307:00 PMAlpharettaCentennial
Fri, Apr 2405:55 PMNorthviewCentennial
JV Schedule
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Thu, Feb 2605:55 PMS. ForsythS. Forsyth
Fri, Feb 2705:55 PMAlpharettaAlpharetta
Mon, Mar 0206:30 PMHeritageHeritage
Thu, Mar 0505:55 PMMt. PisgahCentennial
Mon, Mar 0905:55 PMWest Forsyth High SchoolCentennial
Wed, Mar 1105:55 PMJohns CreekCentennial
Mon, Mar 1604:30 PMN. ForsythNorth Forsyth
Mon, Mar 1607:00 PMN. ForsythNorth Forsyth High School
Tue, Mar 1705:55 PMChattahoocheeCentennial
Wed, Mar 1805:55 PMLambertLambert
Fri, Mar 2005:55 PMAlpharettaCentennial
Sat, Mar 2112:00 PMMeadowcreekCentennial
Wed, Mar 2505:55 PMS. ForsythCentennial
Thu, Mar 2605:00 PMMt. PisgahMt. Pisgah
Fri, Mar 2705:55 PMNorthviewNorthview High School
Mon, Mar 3005:55 PMW. ForsythWest Forsyth
Tue, Mar 3105:55 PMGACGAC
Wed, Apr 0105:55 PMJohns CreekJohns Creek
Fri, Apr 0305:55 PMChattahoocheeChattahoochee
Wed, Apr 1505:55 PMLambertCentennial

Latest News

Knights In The News

Former Centennial Knight, Dylan Kelly’s Frontier League contract purchased by the Arizona Diamondbacks, press release below. Dylan is the son of Brian and Sherry Kelly and brother of current Knight Britt. Congratulations to Dylan and the Kelly Family on this great accomplishment. While at Centennial Dylan was known as a “Gym Rat”, constantly working hard towards his goal of being a MLB Player.